If you have any talent it is definitely a gift from the Universe, it is your responsibility to polish this gift to make it shine so others enjoy it and make yourself proud. This is why you must never stop learning. Also why I teach workshops in shooting fashion photography and nudes photography workshops



De-constructing fashion lighting and nude lighting techniques.



nudes photography lighting techniques


How to light, shoot and do some simple quick post production in Photoshop for a beautiful sensual fine art nude photographic portrait with a touch of old wet photography darkroom techniques.





location fashion photography lighting techniques

Location fashion photography lighting technique two:





studio beauty and fashion photography lighting techniques

Fashion and beauty studio photography lighting technique three:



one light studio beauty lighting techniques

Studio fashion photography lighting technique four:


Studio lighting techniques using one strobes flash light set up.


location fashion photography available light lighting techniques using Califonia Sunbounce

Location fashion photography lighting technique five:


Finding amazing available light for fashion in the shade of the trees along with how to use to its very best with just a simple reflectors.


how to produce an editorial fashion shoot on location fashion photography lighting techniques


Creating a realistic looking lighting for a show girl dressing room set up using simple props and a home made lighting rig.



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You will learn Bruce's many lighting and shooting techniques using available natural lighting, continuous lighting and flash lighting and tips from just about all of the various lighting and shooting situations that Bruce has learned to create over his 30 + years shooting high profile fashion photographers assignments all over the world for some amazing fashion clients.


Bruce's lighting philosophy is do not light the model, light the scene, find good light or create good light and place your model or subject in the best of the light..


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