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Nudes photography workshops, courses, private 1-2-1 master classes and group photography workshop holidays in shooting nudes photography where you will be learning the following 10 valuable aspects needed to become a great nudes photographer.



  • Help you to develop your personal skills of openness, communication and model direction.
  • Teaching you the best settings to create the right look in camera.
  • Lighting techniques for strobe flash, on and off camera speed light flash and daylight.
  • Learn to see and to understand the various textures of light, how and when to use them with reflectors, diffusers and modifiers.
  • How to shoot better fashion, portraiture or nudes in interior and exterior locations.
  • Bruce's fashion, portrait and nudes photography hints, tips and secrets that create a professional level look and quality to your images.
  • Getting your fashion, portraits or nudes photography right in camera.
  • You will be creating images that do not need excessive Photoshop to make them look any good.
  • Learn how to develop your own unique style so your photography stands out amongst the thousands of other photographers out there.
  • Become more in control of the photographic, camera and lighting techniques so you become more confident in your self and your photography abilities.






Nude photography workshops in small groups or private one 2 one tuition



There are two options for these nude photography workshops, in small groups of a maximum of eight or private one 2 one.  There are very limited places available on these nude photography workshops.


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