If you have any talent it is definitely a gift from the Universe, it is your responsibility to polish this gift to make it shine so others enjoy it and make yourself proud. This is why you must never stop learning. Also why I teach workshops in shooting fashion photography and nudes photography workshops



Learn how to take boudoir style sensual sexy erotic photographs of your girlfriend with an i-phone, smart phone or a basic camera.







On this amazing beginner boudoir style photography workshop Bruce shares his vast experience at making woman feel and look amazingly sensual, sexy and erotic in photographs.


He will be teaching you everything you need to know about creating beautiful sexy boudoir style photographs of your partner, girlfriend or wife, including how to create a romantic boudoir setting, what your girlfriend should wear, the right boudoir oft sensual lighting, the best camera settings to use, the best angles to shoot from, the perfect S shaped body shapes that flatter her and most important how to direct her to make her feel sensual and sexy, plus so much more.



  1. Helping you to develop your personal skills of openness, communication and direction.
  2. Teaching you the right settings to create the right look in camera.
  3. Lighting techniques for strobe flash, on and off camera speed light flash and daylight.
  4. Learn to see and to understand the various textures of light, how and when to use them with reflectors, diffusers and modifiers.
  5. How to shoot better portraiture or nudes of your girlfriend in interior and exterior locations.
  6. Getting your portraits or nudes photography right in camera.
  7. You will be creating images that do not need excessive Photoshop to make them look any good.
  8. Learn how to develop your own unique style so your photography stands out amongst the thousands of other photographers out there.
  9. Become more in control of the photographic techniques, camera and lighting techniques so you become more confident in your self and your photography abilities



This is a 1-2-1 boudoir sexy sensual erotic photography class held at a lovely chateau near to Bordeaux that you attend with your girlfriend.


Fees include 2 nights first class accommodation at the chateau full board including local wines, transfers to and from Bordeaux international airport, a styling consultation with our resident stylist hair and make artist who will create a fabulous look for your girlfriend as well as give her a wonderful hair and make up look, which always helps to relax and give her confidence in herself.


Arriving in the late during afternoon/evening the day before the shoot in time for a lovely dinner with wine, this gives us time to get to know you both and to talk through some ideals for the pictures, ideas that will suite your girlfriends idea of how she sees herself or how she would like to see herself.


Get a good nights sleep in one of our luxurious en-suit bedrooms, waking up to the stunning views of the grounds of the chateau and enjoying your freshly prepared breakfast that is served at about to 9am.


We will start with styling and hair and make up so we are ready to begin your how to create sexy photographs of your girlfriend lesson at around 10 :30am


You will spend the morning learning from Bruce on how to create sexy pictures of your girlfriend and the rest of the day practicing the skills you have learned in and around the fabulous locations inside or outside of this stunning chateau with Bruce close at hand to help you when needed.


The early evening will be spend making the best image choices from your pictures and a little Photoshop to finish your best images to print.


Dinner with wine will be served at about 8pm over which we can talk about both your girlfriends and your experience around the dining table.


Leaving for your return trip home the following morning.


Where: Chateau De Clerac, near to Bordeaux

When: Contact us to arrange a date

All inclusive fee: £850




Before booking please arrange for a chat with Bruce below.







See further down for the other types of fashion, portraiture or nudes photography workshops, courses and private 1-2-1 master classes where Bruce Smith will definitely be helping you to achieve very high standards in your own fashion, portrait or nudes photography, so important so your images stand out above the thousands of other photographers.







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Learn to be a better photographer with Bruce Smith


The author of several fine art photography books plus how to shoot fashion photography books "Fashion Photography A Complete Guide" , a published professional fashion, portrait and fine art photographer with over 40 years professional fashion and fine art photography experience.