If you have any talent it is definitely a gift from the Universe, it is your responsibility to polish this gift to make it shine so others enjoy it and make yourself proud. This is why you must never stop learning. Also why I teach workshops in shooting fashion photography and nudes photography workshops



Bruce's fashion and nudes photography workshops and master classes are structured to inspire.


Bruce will give a short talk about the photography industry and some of his reasons why he needs to create pictures, he will show you some of his own images to give you a taste of what his photography training programs aim for you to be achieving.


Bruce shares his many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of creating fashion and fine art nude images for publication, firstly through own his images, some of his working in the industry history, etc, Bruce describes each of the steps he took on his amazingly varied shooting career, which now spans over 35 years in the world of fashion photography and fine art nudes photography.


Whether you are a passionate amateur, beginner, intermediate or advanced photographer considering photography as a career, or you just love the art of photography or a professional or semi professional photographer looking for a change of direction, Bruce’s entertaining and fascinating photography training programs are designed to inspire you and to motivate you to taking the next step towards living your dream.


Owing to the mixed nationalities of the participants, Bruce’s master classes, workshops and lectures are always given in English.


The technical aspects of fashion, fine art nudes and fashion nudes photography are very important. Before you begin shooting your own projects, Bruce gives a demonstration shoot with one of our professional models to guide you through the techniques he uses and the key elements of shooting fashion, fashion nudes and fine art nudes.


Everything from the technical aspects like his camera and lighting techniques with details of how he looks after his work-flow, through to the creative input, choosing a location or a set and the styling, to the personal skills needed when working with models, all is presented to you with the aim to creating a very positive mind towards making some beautiful images.



Shooting with professional fashion and nude models and styling team


The second part or these one 2 one photography classes or workshops is the ‘hands on’ section, where you are given the chance to work with the styling team and the professional fashion and nude models, with the technical support provided by Bruce, you are encouraged to let your creativity loose.


You have the possibility of shooting at several different locations, in the studio plus the various rooms inside and out door locations around the chateau, plus a range of other outdoor locations near by. As well as Bruce, the team of professionals will be constantly on hand to provide advice and assistance.



Although most of what a fashion or nudes photographic image consists of should be created in camera, there will be some post production


Finally, the third part is your image selection and post-production, vital aspects of digital photography. Retouching, cropping, and the creation of looks or moods for your images can vastly improve the successes of an images. Bruce guides you step-by-step through the most important features of post-production that he uses which is not a great deal, he believes in getting it right in camera.


As the entire workshop is based at the Chateau De Clerac, your co-operation is high on our agenda. As well as working together, you will have the chance to socialize at meal times and evenings with Bruce, the team, and of course your fellow participants.





A fashion and fine art nude photography course students review


In the words of a student of one of these wonderful fashion photography courses and fine art nude photography courses run by Bruce Smith. "Some things you just can’t learn from fashion or fine art nude photography How To Shoot Books, Youtube Videos or DVD's"


I could have bought all the fashion and figure photography books on Amazon, and not learned what I did in a few days with Bruce, which he himself learned from decades of successful work in the industry.  In September 2015 I joined Bruce in a chateau near Bordeaux, France for a four-day, one-to-one workshop in ‘sensual fashion.’





Some of Bruce's fashion and fine art nude images which he hopes will inspire you to attend a class with him.











A few words from Bruce


“I have been providing fashion and nudes photography workshops for over 15 years now and am still amazed at how much participants develop in both their shooting skills and their confidence during my one 2 one photography master classes and group photography workshops in shooting fashion and fine art nudes.


Attributes that I consider important to create beautiful images of people.


1: Have a clear understanding of why you need to communicate through your images.

2: Have an openness that makes your subjects willing to be empowered by you

3: Communication skills to explain your ideas and the story to your team and your clients

4: A good repertoire of scenarios to use to direct theatre into your shoots.

5: Be in control of your shoot with technical knowledge and skills such camera settings and light texture options needed to achieve the best image.


We will be working on these attributes during my photography training programs.  See the One 2 One Classes and Group Workshops links below and above to find out more.


Look forward to seeing you there!”


Bruce Smith













So, you have attended just about every fashion and nudes photography workshop and course-


that you can find but you still have not found out how to achieve that magic x factor into your images. It is the secret that other photography tutors either can not or do not teach you.


Just put together your ideas on mood boards for your proposed shoot production and let Bruce and his team do the rest, sourcing the right styling team, models and locations plus arranging the right equipment even your full board accommodation. This type of production sits very well at The Chateau De Clerac where Bruce is based when he is not shooting in Paris, London or abroad.

Bruce will be at hand to give hints and tips for every thing from the right camera settings for what you are trying to achieve to setting up the right lighting either artificial using flash strobes or available light daylight. Drop Bruce a message to tell him your plans and ideas.





Tell us what your choice would be for a fashion portrait or nudes photography workshop


If you do not see the type of photography workshop that you would like to attend please send me a direct message using the contact form below with a few details about what would be your idea workshop. Tell me, what genre of photography, where, when, how long etc and I will do my best to create a workshop/s that suit what you want.












Learn to be a better photographer with Bruce Smith


The author of several fine art photography books plus how to shoot fashion photography books "Fashion Photography A Complete Guide" , a published professional fashion, portrait and fine art photographer with over 40 years professional fashion and fine art photography experience.