Bruce Smith


A fashion, beauty and fine art nude photographer based in Paris and London


Bruce Smith is a fashion and fine art nudes photographer who shoots fashion and fine art nudes photography in Paris, London and Clerac nr Bordeaux.


Bruce shoots fashion photography assignments all over the World for advertising campaigns, fashion editorials, for magazines and look books, catalogues for fashion designers, couture designers, bridal wear designers, lingerie and swimwear designers and manufacturers.
Bruce uses very little if any Photoshop retouching at all on his images, his objective is to get it right in camera.  His secret? Good skin, good model, good lighting. Good photography.  He was brought up shooting film and never uses the term "we can fix that in post" a poor excuse for bad photography.
Bruce also produces some limited edition fine art photographic platinum palladium art prints from a selection of his fine art fashion images, they are available exclusively through his art agent.




This website contains nude images, nothing so explicit that I could not show them to my mother.