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Fashion photographer, beauty and fine art photographer Bruce Smith has over 30 years of experience producing high profile advertising, editorial and look book photography assignments, producing assignments all over the world including London, Paris, Rome, New York, Australia, Vietnam, Borneo, Thailand, Mexico, Alaska, Milan, Africa, Morocco plus many more. Most if not all of his images are un-photoshoped.

He specializes in shooting fashion, beauty and fine art photography images of couture, bridal wear, lingerie, hosiery and swimwear. Bruce also produces limited edition fine art nude and fashion nude images as well as producing first class head shots for actors and performers

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Bruce is a fashion beauty, portrait and fine art nudes photographer available for shoots for advertising, editorials and look books in Paris, London, Milan, Rome, New York and Liverpool by special appointment.

Productions undertaken, from one day shoot upwards.  Bruce has over 30 years of experience producing high profile photography assignments, producing shoots in the UK, Europe, USA, Alaska, Australia, Borneo, Vietnam, Thailand, Mexico, Morocco, Kenya, plus many more countries. 

Bruce provides a full photography production service based out of London, Paris, New York, and Milan with teams of production managers, location managers, fashion stylists, make up and hair stylists and models. 

Bruce can organize every aspect of your photography shoot project from concept to finished images ready for press. 

If you are interested in talking to him about shooting your next advertising, editorial or look book photography project, please contact him or his production manager Yvonne Miller, details on the contact page.

Advertising - Editorial - Look Books

London - Paris - Milan - New York - Rome

30 Years This Year

As A Freelance Photographer

1985 to 2015

His unique style is his own and based around original photography and not on post production retouching.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer